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If you are looking for the agency who can provide you with micro-crowdfunding marketing services. Look no further.

A million dollar campaign does not just happen. It requires extensive attention to every aspect in micro-marketing.

Doing the right thing in every step adds up to making your product the ultimate blockbuster.

Things can get more complicated than you thought at first. For maximum possible success, how long the video should be? How should the page be structrued? How to spread the word out about the campaign? Who are the targeted audiences and how to find them and keep them active? Which PR should you reach out to and when?

We’ve got answers to all these questions from case study after case study! We have done the hard work through marketing over 100 projects incorporating PR, CPC advertising, video production, backer demographics, landing page design, rewards and copywriting and more, so you don’t have to.

An End-to-End Kickstarter Marketing Workflow

The Key To Our Successes


Setup, Research & Manage


Audit, Evaluate & Create


Design, Video & Photography


Define & Target


Promote & Engage


Launch, Convert & Analyze


Backers, Visitors & Press


Order, Fulfill & Distribute

Our expert crowdfunding marketing strategy & experience set us apart from the competition


Research, product insight

Backer Demographic

Generalize who your crowdfunding backers are


Broadcast product launching notification and get sale on the first day

Video Prodution

Generate High Conversion Rate


Triggers a domino effect across your Kickstarter campaign.


Landing page design and tell your story visually

PR & Advetising

Amplify your funding results

Online Community

Kickstarter and Indiegogo community maintenance, keep your campaign interativity

200,000 Crowdfunding Enthusiasts Community

Exclusive Deal

Experts at Kickstarter & Indiegogo marketing services.

OTO1's Kickstarter & Indiegogo marketing services is where our expert experience sets us apart.

By optimizing each individual detail of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, then summing their net increase in effectiveness throughout our entire crowdfunding strategy, you’ll see how we’ve maintained the status of the best crowdfunding marketing agency since our inception in 2015. Our strategy in regards to each of our micro marketing services lies in experience, attention to detail and going the extra mile to ensure your projects funding success.

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